The Roller Coaster is on Vacation

With the upcoming holiday season, the roller coaster project has taken a vacation out west. While sitting in the airport, we have been working on some calculations for the ride’s hills. But, this and next few posts will be the Traditional Car on vacation in California.

The car visited San Francisco recently, and Pier 39 to see some seals.



The car was strapped in and ready to travel!


The car flew over the Rockies, and eventually made its way to San Francisco.


The amount of extraordinary engineering in this photo is tremendous. Honestly, we think the car is years ahead of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Next, the car wanted to see some seals at Pier 39.


The car had a long day, and will probably take a cable car soon around San Francisco. Also, we will try to make our way to Six Flags Magic Mountain for some…uh…research. The car will be there!

Coast on…

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